‘’When Toolbox was suggested to me by Kate at Starfish I was very sceptical. I had taken voluntary redundancy in January 2017 from my role as Mental Health Support Worker due to family issues, including my father’s ill health, which subsequently led to his death in May 2017. I was at a very low point in my life when I met Sian from Toolbox and although I had some idea of the direction I wanted to go, I was lacking confidence and concerned about the future. Due to my previous role I thought that a one hour session would be a waste of time and I couldn’t see how it would help me. In all honesty I agreed to the referral as I thought it would help Toolbox gain future funding. How wrong was I?!

Sian helped me to focus and think about my life in a more positive way. She helped me work out what ‘tools’ I already had available and where I could find other sources of help and support. It was good to have something to take away with me to refer to at a later date. I came away from the appointment more hopeful and realising that I had lost ‘myself’ in grief and caring for others and that I needed to care more for me and think about things that make me happy. Today I can report that I am handling my emotions in a more effective way.

I am heading into the future with ‘HOPE’. I have started a voluntary role in a youth ‘Chill Out Club’ and have started a Level 3 Youth Worker Course facilitated through the Open College Network.

Thank you Sian and Toolbox for being an integral part of my recovery journey.’’

So, although Toolbox is not therapy or counselling, it can be a key space in helping build better self-awareness, improving one’s own level of  self-confidence and giving encouragement to ‘just give something a go’, to help move forward.