Virtual park visits – a mindful experience

If you are struggling with anxiety and cannot face large groups of people maybe you can try a virtual park visit.

By focusing on positive aspect of going to a lovely park you can calm the mind and build resilience to when you feel you can leave the house.

Follow this guidance below it will take only 5 minutes of your day:

Find a comfortable and quite space, you can close your eyes or lower your gaze.
Take a deep breath in for 4 secs and out for 6, do this a few times, this helps you prepare
• You are standing near a calm duck pond, you see pond reeds moving in the light warm breeze in front of you
• Two mallards pass you by with their pearl green heads watch them calmly passing swimming past
• Turn to your left and focus on the children’s playground
• Watch the swings gently moving up and down and the listen to the childhood giggles and laughter
• Now turn to your right and take in the large oak tree with its solid and beautiful trunk and branches providing shade to a group of older ladies
• Turn behind you, look at the ice cream van, listen to the hum of the generator and absorb the bright inviting colours of the van and the signs in front
• Look up at the small white clouds and bright blue sky, enjoy the sun on face and smell the warm air
Now slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath for 4 secs and out for 6
You can repeat this process many times a day. It can help you refocus on the benefits of being outside. This technique can be adapted to other locations that are calming or evoke good memories.