We asked our volunteers if anyone wished to write a blog whist coping with the social isolation and staying at home.  One of volunteers has written this blog for us, big thank you for this and happy reading!

How to cope . . .

How I cope with the lock down: is to put some in structure in my days (for instance when I watch tv, films, use computers have, breakfast or do some house work). It doesn’t have to be strict structure, but more so you know what you’re doing next. I’ve found books or a tv series I enjoy and I aim to find something to make me laugh at least once a day (e.g. a funny tv series or film). I keep in contact with friends and family who I get along with and I remind myself the lockdown might not last as long as what some have said. I try to find something new to do that I haven’t done before (like a new walk, book, computer game or series). I think it’s best to be more understanding of others because the lockdown could have an impact on other people’s mental health.

I always use my one opportunity a day for exercise outside and try to eat fruit or vegetables to keep myself healthy. I try to not watch the news too often because I find it mood lowering and can be a bit pessimistic. I prefer to find something light hearted to watch or read instead. I remind myself it won’t last for ever and soon at some point things will go back to normal. I remind myself not to worry too much and remember the summer is coming and we can still enjoy (to at least some extent) the good weather.