‘Boredom’ what a horrible sounding word, it has the word ‘Bore’ at the start, sounds like dentistry which isn’t good. At the current moment lots of us are self-isolating, social distancing and a whole other matter of temporary life changes.

Boredom will and can set in very quickly for some, this can have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing and mental health.

Is Boredom a bad thing?

We are on this spinning planet in space for many years usually navigating our way through life, downtime is inevitable. I like to think of boredom as a ‘brain reset’ and time to change your task, be inspired or just rest.

It’s all about perspective, is the dog bored or resting….?

I have been reading a book by Lars Svendsen titled ‘A philosophy of Boredom’ and this quote perfectly sets out what boredom is:

‘Boredom can be understood as a discomfort which communicates the need for that meaning is not being satisfied”

Before the internet…

As Svendsen mentions the word satisfied is truly important to how you feel about boredom. Before the internet we had plenty of downtime, we occupied our time with often meaningful activities, and if we didn’t it really didn’t matter.

Mindfulness is the key

I believe during these uncertain times we need to practice mindfulness. This can take many forms. The picture below shows what Mindfulness in its true essence is about. Currently we have lots of clutter in our brains. Acknowledge it’s there but let it go.

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Final thought

Something to ponder of the next few weeks a quote from my Yoga Teacher Friend:

“Mindfulness is being in the moment, a stillness and calmness that’s cultivated, perhaps using a space like breathing. And if you get distracted by the mind, then reverting back to that stillness, and without judgement”