This week’s blog focuses on the benefits of volunteering for your own mental health. I like to think that volunteering helps you build up your mental health building blocks creating something strong that you can use to improve your well being. Each stage, skill achieved or success makes you stronger, let me explain:

Volunteering can:


You have got a baseline of your own skills, this is a strong foundation to show others and yourself that you can give back by remembering what you are good at.  When you are feeling low about your own abilities volunteering can kick start positive change like this.  Maybe it’s writing, illustrating, cooking, befriending or something different you can give back to others.


The next building block sits aligned on top of your skill base.  Volunteering can build your confidence, it might help you chat to new people more confidently, lower your anxieties and build your resilience for the future.


Sharing your insight into the world, maybe make new friends this can spark your enthusiasm to show what you can do. This is all possible when you are building your volunteering experience.


The layers are now building up and later on in your volunteering you can start to add skill sets gained and add a time frame of when you were an active volunteer. This can have an impact on your job prospects which in turn can help with your mental health.


Volunteering can give you something that is invaluable Focus.

Focus can bring you routine, a start and a finish and an end goal.  This helps you see that you’ve contributed or created something.

Direction is something everyone needs to keep their mental health and well being strong.

Build up this resilience through volunteering, if you are interested in volunteering for us drop us an email: