This weeks blog focuses on the concept of stress and burnout.

Dog wakes you up
Kids wake you up
Left washing in machine overnight
You have a work meeting at 9am and your laptop battery is low
Bill arrives on your doorstep
You have a headache
Dog won’t stop barking
and repeat….

You can see how stress and the possibility of burn out can build up.
If this is familiar to you, all these little micro stressors can be overwhelming. It can lead into a state of too much stress, worry, anxiety and in some instances burnout.

Modern lifestyles and expectations of family, friends and society can be detrimental to your mental health & wellbeing.

Before you address your life, remember life will always have stressors, but below are a few ideas to help you navigate them.

Set your day on a table
As part of your evening routine, place items you clearly need on a table. This could be work items, hobby items or kit for the gym or a class.

Learn breathing techniques
Finding the right way to breathe when your anxieties & stress is high could be the key to reducing your risk of burn out. Find out about deep diaphragmatic breathing and slow deep breathing through your nose.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
It’s quite a normal response to over react to small irritants in your life. Practice letting go and moving on to something more positive. For example, the kitchen is a mess, learn to say to yourself. “It will be cleaned eventually” Walk away and set 10 mins a side each hour to tidy up the mess. Don’t work frantically when you don’t need too.

Finally look for your own coping strategies and use them to your advantage. This might turn into our more happier and healthy you.