Have you ever thought how rainy weather is depicted on the news? Using adjectives like terrible, horrible, yucky, disgusting can really set your mood for the day.
Like all things there can be a lighter happier side to dark days. But what about embracing the moment no matter what your mind or other people perceive.
If it is raining right now get yourself to a window and take time out to enjoy what you see:
Birds playing in a bird bath or a puddle on your patio
Dripping rain on the windowsill
A tree or flower with beads of water hydrating itself and giving life to the plant
The overwhelming shade of green everywhere which shows the garden is breathing and is alive.
This mindset can help you in all aspects of your life, by embracing what you are grateful for in the moment you can change your mindset.

Yes, it can be hard, and sometimes you cannot embrace this outlook and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel negative and sad and this mindset can take lots of practice. We all want to live a happy life so finding coping mechanisms that work for you can be the best approach.

Maybe you could find a phrase or mantra that you write down to remind yourself to embrace your life, your day and your path to better mental health. This could be ‘embrace the day’ ‘See the light in the darkness’ for example. Why not try and make up your own and pop it on your bathroom mirror.