Find a spark

Bonfire night is quickly approaching and as a child this was one of my favourite nights of the year


Contentment, I found a state of happiness where everything I valued came together in just a few hours. I was warm, cosy, with my family, excited and engaged.

Even in my adult life these values mean so much to me.  We can learn from our best moments in life and utilise them to our advantage. This can have a positive impact on your own mental health and wellbeing.

This week’s blog addresses when you notice a slump in your life how you can reignite your spark.

My memories of the 5th of November and quite sensory. My Mum wrapping me up with warm gloves, hats and scarves. The holds and hugs I received as we watched the fireworks. As an adult you can achieve this through self-care techniques.

Create a sensory environment by lighting candles, making your favourite warm drink and wrapping yourself in duvets, throws and wraps.

Family can certainly help you out of a slump.  I found the collective excitement of watching a firework display so uplifting.  Whatever you consider your family make sure you keep in contact with them and share experiences together, it can make it so much more fun!

Excitement and engagement for myself keep the spark going. By planning fun things throughout the year.  When you are in the moment, you have full engagement. As a child I watched fireworks rather than film them for social media. This can help you relax.

Blog written by Laura Nellist – Volunteer Lead.