This weeks blog is handed over to one of our fundraisers Lottie and her great work raising money for our charity. If you would like to be a fundraiser get in touch you can find details at the bottom of this blog.

The last 18 months have been an incredibly challenging time for everyone. Mental health in particular is an issue which has had a great deal of attention over the period, as more people than ever have struggled.

However, mental health is an area which has been woefully under-funded and under-resourced for decades. Services have been historically incredibly difficult to access, especially for people already struggling with day-to-day activities, and the support on offer hasn’t always been suitable.
I’m incredibly passionate about mental health. I have personally had my own difficulties with my mental health, and I have seen the huge impact untreated or mistreated mental illness has had on members of my family and friendship groups. I’m also keenly aware of the wider impacts on the people who care for the person who is mentally unwell, and the massive toll that can take.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and yet it is often seen as secondary, both by the general public and by some within the medical profession. I am encouraged by the recent campaigns to promote being more open about mental illness and increasing awareness of a variety of conditions, but it is still the case that there are long waiting lists for treatment.

I want to do whatever I can to help more people access help at the point they need it. Sometimes this can mean just having someone immediately available to talk to at your lowest point. Or it could mean having a variety of communication methods so that the service is more accessible. It can mean more face-to-face groups, trained counsellors, or activities which help provide a support network for people who are struggling.

SSNMH do some brilliant work in mental illness prevention and management through their Toolbox project, helping people to build their own emotional wellbeing programmes. They also provide great advice, guidance and information.
I hope that by helping to fundraise for organisations such as SSNMH, more people will be supported in the most suitable way for them at the point they need it most.

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