I have friends that run, they have all the gear, the devices, the hi-Tec fabrics and a disciplined routine.  I look up to them for their commitment.

I have friends who sew and make clothes (good clothes), they have created a workshop where they can close the door and focus.

I have friends who bake bread, wonderful smelling bread.  They take their frustrations out in the needing process and relax during the proving process.

I don’t have a hobby

However, I see the benefits my loved ones gain from their pursuits but I feel lost. Exercise can aggravate my chronic pain and fine motor skills like found in sewing can cause muscle weakness in my hands.

What can I do to find my hobby niche?

I found a website www.uksmobility.co.uk that post activities for people who live with chronic conditions such as arthritis.

They show ways you can adapt a popular activity to your needs, two that caught my attention are:

Bird Watching

I do a little bit of this currently but want to learn more, watching nature is great for the mind. The peacefulness, stillness and the opportunity to practice mindfulness might suit me. Adaptations include focus on posture, take regular breaks and use lightweight binoculars.

Water Walking

This hobby sounds great, I like the idea of warm water as it suggested and keeping a normal walking action.  This would help with focusing the mind, I can see this a great hobby for me once I can get to a nice warm pool.

How will this benefit me?

I think if I find a hobby that fits me well I can have a focus, feel a sense of pride, it will do wonders for my social skills if I join a group and improve my overall mental health.

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