This blog is written by a mum who wanted to share her thoughts, enjoy !

I was taught by a very young age how my home is a place of security love and relaxation, a place I could be me, without fear of judgement or hatred, where I can be to feel happy, loved and at ease.

I grew up and always had this in my mind when building my house into a home, I wanted it to be a place of fun, laughter, and security. Somewhere no matter how old my kids got they would walk through the door and automatically feel safe, secure and loved as if they were children all over again.

I feel secure and safe in my home, helping towards the stopping of the spread of the virus, but I don’t feel it’s a happy place at the moment, more a building of frustration and stress. A place I once looked at and felt enormous pride I now look at with dread.

A place built of bricks and mortar and yet it can have such a huge effect on our emotional health. When the kids are at school and I’m at work the house stays clean and you walk in after a long day and can relax, this is no longer the case, I feel I’m constantly picking up socks?! Yes socks!

I’m convinced the kids are playing tricks on me and randomly dropping socks all over the place, I’ve even had dreams about me picking up these socks over and over! This is my life and has been for 10 months.

My house was once a place of fun and laughter but now it’s a place of mommy yelling about socks, or yelling ‘I’m on a zoom call go away’, or ‘no you can’t suddenly appear on the camera and sing twinkle twinkle little star’, or screaming ‘Where the hell has all the cups gone’!

People say we can still make amazing memories, we can sit and help our children learn through creative ways and just have fun. Don’t get me wrong I can quite happily sit and make random things out of Lego for hours or build with playdoh, or just sit and colour, but my 5 year old has other plans, who needs to build with Lego when he can throw it around for me then to be picking up while picking up the socks or playdoh being squashed into my just cleaned floors that I managed to do between zoom calls or who needs paper when a 5 year old has eyed up the newly glossed stair railing and feels it be best he tag his name to this lovely paint job so everyone knows it’s his house.

How do teachers get 5 year olds to sit in a class with 29 of their peers and not move and concentrate? They must be putting something in their morning milk because I have one 5 year old and I sit with him for 30 minutes and we literally do 2 maths sums, because the other 25 minutes is me saying ‘sit down’ ‘stop running into walls’ the furniture is not a soft play centre’ no you cant eat chocolate at 9am’ ‘stop throwing the pencil around’ and my favourite one that I feel I’ve said a 1000 times in the last 10 days is ‘stop picking your ear using the pencil, you will pick your brain out’!

I know this will not last forever, I hope for my sanity. I know the house will go back to laughter, fun and relaxation. The one thing I know no matter what this virus throws is the house is filled with love and that will never change. So as much as I’m stretched beyond my normal comfort zone I will get there and one day look back and laugh, and I hope my kids do the same.