“I’ve got your back”

Have you ever used this phrase without thinking of the meaning, consequences of using it or if you really have got someone’s back?  This blog looks at how you can support others in a realistic way.

After researching the origins of this phrase, I couldn’t find a definitive origin. However, some sources state this phrase came from World War II trenches to motivate, support or calm the troops in difficult and dangerous times.

Supporting Others

Supporting others is something a lot of us do instinctively, this could be emotional support or even financial support in times of need. We may help a loved one through a difficult time or help someone who is having money troubles.  Sometimes it’s hard to support others so be realistic and honest with others that You’ve got their back’

Motivating Others

This is a difficult one, if are shy, introverted motivating others can be difficult. If someone is having a difficult time just being there for them can be the motivation they need.

Calming Others

This can a reactive ‘watch your back’ moment. Think about it have you ever:

  • Held someone’s hand as they deliver a baby
  • Sat with someone before an operation in hospital
  • Wished someone good luck as they go into an interview
  • Sent a ‘thinking of you’ message at the right time when someone is going through a stressful time

Supporting others in many ways is so important, be realistic of what you can offer.  Look after your own mental health, listen or show empathy if you can.