Do you find you are restless, not sleeping, switching between tasks and activities?

This can be very tiring and with the current lockdown we all might feel stressed and lost in our own thoughts. This blog focuses on how to be practical and finding ways of letting go.

The worry bottle

Let’s be practical, some of our hang ups come from not letting go. Human’s are natural worriers, its a combination of modern life stressors and evolution of the human brain.

The worry bottle is a simple and cathartic way of letting go. Take an old bottle, maybe decorate the glass with bows, stickers or any other creative ways to make it bright and cheerful.

Lets get started…

Before bed write on a small piece of paper your worry, roll it up, stuff it the bottle and leave it alone. Do this every time you feel stressed or anxious. Remember walk away, let go and move on.

By making your thought more tangible it can help with the understanding of your feelings.

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