In the world we live in letting go might be at the bottom of our priorities, you may even think that letting go is something not within your reach.

Some signs that you are not letting go

You may not fall asleep in timely manner, if you are wide awake after 30 minutes this could be the reason
You switch between activities and tasks without finishing them, and stress about the consequences of not finishing
You cannot concentrate on what friends and family are saying as your mind is distracted
You display physical symptoms such as feeling unwell, headaches, always tired and maybe shaky and out of sorts.

How to address your stress

There are many techniques to letting go, maybe if you write down your concerns at night and place them out of the way. This can help you switch off if you follow the rule that once written down leave it alone.
Mindfulness can be helpful, you can use the worry balloon technique. How this works is by closing your eyes, taking a moment to let your mind rest, if a thought or worry pops into your mind, place it on a ‘virtual’ balloon and let it fly. This takes lots of practice but you can develop this technique over time.

Need more help?
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