Mental Health Awareness Week ran between 18-24 May and the media highlighted just how important talking and addressing mental health is, particularly important in these times we live in.  The theme was kindness and I feel that it was very just as each day we see amazing moments of kindness around us. I thought I would look at a few aspects of this using the word KIND.

This blog might be a bit different from the ones you’ve seen in the media as I’m trying to focus on some values important to me when I think of the word Kindness.


Do you have a best friend who just ‘gets you’? who believes in the same values as yourself and can be part of your life during its ups and downs?

I have someone who is a kindred spirt, we can talk for hours but we can also sit in silence. Its doesn’t matter either way I know she is there to support me.  Acts of kindness from my best friend are more special as she has thought what I need in the present moment.


You are unique, an individual who is different from your neighbour, colleagues and strangers that may pass you by.   Kindness can come from a smile, a hello or a little joke or a bit of banter. I did this in my local shop, I showed my individuality. I made the staff members giggle, it’s my individuality and perspective on life that can make people smile. Kindness doesn’t cost anything it just takes a little bit of thought now and again.


Take note of how you respond to different aspects of life for example

Family arguments                                        Anti-social behaviour

Heated debate on TV                   Tragedy and suffering

Note that your emotions are normal and by showing kindness throughout can be beneficial for you and others.  Don’t feel you need to ‘shout above’ the noise, find a way to support and understand another person’s point of view.


This is a bit of fun, what a word Dazzle!!

Be fabulous, dazzle, shine and smile. Kindness can come from your own energy you show.  A smile can change your own perspective on life.

Wear something you love, walk with your head high!

People who ‘dazzle’  in life can help people indirectly by being positive.  We all know someone in the media we admire think why?

They maybe Positive, happy, colourful, high energy, they Dazzle!