It seems we all live fast paced lives even when a lot of us stay in one or two rooms a day as we work from home and try and live our life in our family’s shoes.

It’s been a whole year for myself working from home and a lot of people can say the same thing. My office is my home and my life blurs into one long week.

To take a break from this daily stressful situation you could try mini mindfulness practice.

What is mini mindfulness practice?

Mindfulness is connecting to your own self through deep relaxation and use of breathing techniques. Mini mindfulness practice can be short bursts of practice you can incorporate into your daily life without needing too much time or equipment.

Let’s have a look at what you could do right now…
1. Mindful Coffee break
2. 5 stretch challenge
3. 4 in and 6 out
4. 1 song stop

The mindful coffee break
Firstly, make a coffee or any other hot drink you like, take time to stir the milk, smell the aroma, look at the textures and colours of the drink, once cooler, take a sip and savour the flavours on your tongue. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment. You can then repeat the process again and again, this will calm your mind and reduce any anxiety you may have.

5 stretch challenge

Find online or a YouTube video that helps you understand how to stretch properly. Try and do 5 different types of stretches throughout the day, hold them for 20 seconds If you can. Stretch can encourage blood flow and reduce the risk of injury, this in turn can make you feel less tense physically and therefore mentally.

4 in and 6 out
The 4 in and 6 out is a simple but effective deep breathing technique that you can try anywhere and at any time of the day. Take a deep breath in and count to 4 in your head, then breathe out and count slowly to 6. You can repeat this a few times for an instant relaxed state. Breathing slowly can lower blood pressure, increase oxygen levels and reduce stress and anxiety.

And finally,… 1 song stop
If you feel like you are trying to spin plates and have to much on your mind, stop and play 1 song. Do not do anything during the song apart from singing, dancing or just listening. This type of discipline can help you understand that you can stop for 5 minutes and forget your troubles, chores or anxieties. It’s great fun to enjoy music and it can be a wonderful stress reduction technique. Give it a go and let us know how you get on our social media pages