Wear your heart on your sleeve  

During the past few months I have noticed that more people are displaying fragile mental health.

I feel I’m a bit of an empath and can pick up on emotions pretty quickly. I’ve watched shop workers snap at each other and physical shake as they work.

I’ve seen people put their head down and turn away when people try to talk to them.  On the flipside I’ve seen people who seem over-joyous erratically throwing their arms about and talking at a higher volume.

The covid effect has created a nation of people who are wearing their heart on their sleeve.  Emotions are flipping like a stack of pancakes and some people will experience lasting effects.

The benefits of letting it all out can be cathartic and I’ve seen many people display emotional outbursts.  However, a combination of social isolation, rule following, loss and uncertainty will change the mental state of many.


This is the key, if you find yourself blurting out in public because you are frustrated and angry, or not talking to the shop assistant when you are completing your transaction, or creating your own social bubble where you do not let anyone in . . .

Seek help

SSNMH offer a Toolbox service that might help you break some of these habits by empowering you to change.

Please drop us an email if you would like to access this service Toolboxreferral@ssnmentalhealth.co.uk