Mental Health, Clothing and Instagram

How can clothing have an impact in the mental health world?

An independent clothing brand based in the UK is trying to make a difference through their simple messages.  I got a chance to interview the company owner Dan who is a trained counsellor.  He set up self worth clothing to get the message out to the fashion conscious world.

What inspired you to set up a clothing brand?

I worked in mental health for five years after qualifying as a counsellor.  I’ve seen the stigma people feel about opening up about how they feel.  I truly believe the misconception that sharing your mental health status is either a weakness or is something done for attention.

Do you feel you will make a difference to people’s mental health with your message?

The hope is that the clothing brand will spark conversation around mental health and normalise sharing feelings. We all have mental health and the same we all have physical health. Everyone’s physical health is different and that’s exactly the same for mental health too.

What does mental health mean to you?

Mental health to me is our overall well-being and how we feel and function. I feel it needs to be treated the same as physical health. Everyone understands that if you don’t look after yourself physically then your physical health deteriorates the same goes for mental health.

What do you want to achieve from using fashion to promote and support mental health?

Hopefully working with local mental health charities to discuss the topic is the first step for people to clock in and own their emotions. The clothing provides people with avenues to access to support they need too.  With every item purchased a percentage is donated to mental health charities based in the UK.

Maybe fashion and mental health can sit alongside each other and by sparking debate and conversation just from a simple message and a comment ‘I like your T-shirt what does it mean?’

If you are interested in the self-worth clothing brand please click on the link below to find out more: 

Written by Laura Nellist