Depending on your own experiences, personality, values, physical, and mental health needs, social distancing can feel different for each individual.

My own social life in ‘normal pre-covid times’ is complex, a childhood of being shy to a point where I could physically feel my emotions to now where I am good with people with a little sprinkle of awkwardness.  I am sure people can empathise with this narrative.

I can do the social distance thing, I’m good with order and routine, but the ability to make human connections is the difficult one. I’ve shopped in silence, I’ve walked down the street not making eye contact with people.

So today I decided this has to stop…

I was going to my local shop and I made sure I made eye contact with and said ‘morning’ to anyone who was in a 2-metre radius from me. The feedback was instant, a smile, the owners dog wagging its tail, a thank you (for socially distancing) and a nod. I followed the guidelines that the government have set out but I remained emotionally engaged.

This picture shows how I emotionally feel right now, but I know it’s temporary and I can still engage with people through social media and just a hello passing at the correct distance in the street.