If anyone had said to me 6 months ago we will have a pandemic, I think I would have just laughed, I certainly wouldn’t have believed them.  However, in a previous life I farmed.  If anyone had said back in 2000 that foot and mouth would return to the UK I would have given the same reaction.  But it did.  It was similar to Covid 19 in lots of ways but just for farming families – we didn’t see each other, worked from home, ordered on line shopping and put carpets and disinfectants at our gates for any delivery drivers.  It was a scary time but life on the farm had to go on, a number of farms lost their livelihoods and beloved stock which must have been so hard, we escaped and eventually I was able to return to work etc

Back in March when the pandemic started I was amazed at the empty shelves, it was something I couldn’t understand – where did people store all that flour, pasta and toilet roll anyway??  We don’t watch normal TV so I didn’t really watch the news or updates.  This can increase anxiety and with social media I knew I would find out anything that was important.

So what has been good??
Work for the network has been very busy although different as we are doing phone calls rather than face to face, the first one was a little daunting but I soon got used to it, although having 3 dogs at times has been a challenge especially with the increase in home deliveries.  The number of people I speak to with anxiety has risen as this is totally alien to life as we know it.  Parents with children found the situation even more difficult with trying to home school and work, but most were being hard on themselves and seeking perfection.  However, teachers did get appreciation from most who didn’t realise what it was like.

  • As a family we played games – ludo is a favourite especially on a nice day in the garden
  • I still had a routine – work starts at about 8.30 most days and the dogs get a lovely walk when I finish usually down the canal
  • I have seen ducks and ducklings along to tow path
  • We bought a butterfly garden kit from amazon – great for the children (although we are all grown up and still loved it) seeing the caterpillars grown, cocoon and come out as beautiful butterfly’s
  • I have connected with friend via social media and more recently socially distanced meetings
  • Reconnected with reading
  • South Staffordshire college have some fantastic on line free courses which I have been doing https://www.southstaffs.ac.uk/distance-learning/
  • I have saved money on fuel and helped the environment
  • No new clothes have been purchased
  • I made an Easter tree and spent some time in my garden

A lot of positives have been found during this difficult time – perhaps have a think what yours are?

I love quotes and try and find ones appropriate to situations – the one below I feel sums up the current time – Im still dancing