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Summer refresh
Summer is a great time of the year, we can spend more time outdoors, absorb some vitamin D which is good for your immune system and mental health wellbeing.

What about trying a Summer refresh?

This could be trying a new activity, learning a new skill or even a language. Setting yourself goals no matter how small and see how it helps with your mood.

What do we mean by refresh?

Think about how you feel when you put fresh bed linen on, when you clean your kitchen and put everything away, or when you paint your living room to ‘refresh’ the room.

I guess most people would say, I feel content, happy, calm, relaxed and proud. We can refresh our wellbeing by taking these feelings and adapting them to your own life.

You can feel happy by:
Starting a new project and letting your friends and family know that you are trying to improve your wellbeing – share the love!

You can feel calm by:
By learning a new skill like mediation and setting time in the day to enhance your sense of calm

You can become relaxed by:
Creating an outdoor space that you can call your own, think how you would like to relax, a comfy chair, outdoor beanbag/cushion, fairy lights, little herb and veg pots or other outdoor trinkets.

You can be proud:
That you have started this process of a Summer refresh and keep it going, small changes can make big differences.

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