Every 4 years I watch the Olympics and the Paralympics, I listen to the stories, the backgrounds of the individuals and celebrate their accomplishments like they are my family members.
The Paralympics has a massive impact on my own thoughts of determination and accomplishments.

I have an underlying feeling of guilt that I don’t get off the sofa and exercise daily, I don’t push myself to improve my life and I always make excuses.

I do have a disability and I feel empathy for some of the athlete’s stories. Each Paralympics I think I’m going to join a club, join a gym or get more active. Usually this doesn’t happen, but this year I want to make changes.

Having good role models and setting goals alongside these inspiring people can be a way to motivate yourself.
Look at Ellie Simmonds a girl from Walsall who has won gold medals at the age of 13. She works hard and always has a smile on her face.

I also love David Weir the Paralympic wheelchair racer, his determination, focus as well as being a family man is inspiring. Other new Paralympians that were awe-inspiring include the armless table tennis player Egypt’s Ibrahim Hamadtou and the wonderful Boca player David Smith, his focus is amazing.

The question is what qualities do these individuals possess. I think determination, passion and positivity. These are all great traits but I really do think positivity is very important when dealing with adversity, worry and uncertainty.

These role models for myself have inspired me to try and improve my physical health which in turn should have an impact on my mental health.