This doesn’t mean I’m going to become the saddest and depressed comic book character ever known. I’m going to battle Seasonal Affective Disorder or usually known as SAD.

According to NHS UK :

“SAD is a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern”

It also states:

“The exact cause of SAD isn’t fully understood, but reduced exposure to sunlight in the darker month’s maybe the cause.

I suffer from SAD and living in the UK it could be something you notice at this time of year.

Symptoms like:

  • Low Mood
  • Less Sociable
  • Less Active
  • Craving comfort foods
  • Sleeping longer

This with any other underlying condition/mental illness can increase your symptoms so let’s be super heroes and defeat these feelings! Here is what I’m doing:

Low Mood

I’ve joined a dance class.

Dancing releases endorphins those feel good chemicals in the brain. That combined with a good tune can’t be a bad thing.

Less Sociable

I’ve become a volunteer for the Lichfield Arts Charity this allows me to meet new people in my area and give something back. Check out what’s in your area that you could get involved in.

Less Active

I walk 20 minutes in the daylight hours every day.

Craving Comfort foods

I’m trying new foods that are slow release in their energy, such as oats, pea protein based snacks and seeds and nuts. I’m going to be a flapjack queen in no time.

Sleeping longer

I get up around the same time every day, no matter how I feel.  Sometimes I use my body clock light I bought to help me gently wake up. They cost as little as £50, a good investment, maybe pop it on your Christmas list.

So find solutions to SAD, be your own superhero, defeat those feelings.  These are my suggestions take time to find out what type of SAD superhero you are.

(Picture courtesy of Elias Castillo on Unsplash)

This blog has been written by Laura Nellist – SSNMH Toolbox Volunteer