Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, The Toolbox Project...

What is the Toolbox Project?

We concentrate on emotional health of the person we are seeing by..

  • Empowering the person to take responsibility for their emotional health.
  • We help people identify strengths not weaknesses.
  • Achievements not failures, and if there are failures we help explore what was learnt and how it helped the person grow.
  • We help design management plans for people to be able to use in their day to day lives that can help them to keep emotionally well.
  • We help build emotional resilience.
  • We encourage goal setting as a way to help people drive towards positive outcomes.
  • We teach healthy coping strategies and techniques to be used effectively
  • We teach relaxation techniques.
  • We signpost to groups and services to help people find hobbies and pursue interests.
  • We help people to see the importance of looking after their emotional health through a one off appointment to help them see the wood through the trees.
  • We follow up after 3 weeks and again at 3 months to check the management plans is effective and if the person is moving towards the goals set.
  • To help reduce bad days and help maintain the good days

”It has let me know about things that are out there that can help me and help other people. I wasn’t aware of all these places before today.”


“It was very important to me to recognise when I’m becoming ill as I wasn’t aware of this before the Toolbox assessment.”


1 in 4 people will experience mental illness at some point in their lives.

This is regardless of their job, income, gender, sexuality or age… It can happen to anyone. We all know someone who has been affected. Yet with some planning and some support, mental illness can be prevented.

Toolbox has helped a number of people to build their own plan dealing with emotions and preventing mental illness.
Now with this substantial and important funding, the charity will help more than two thousand people over the next four years.

An important aim of the charity and of the project is to support people to become volunteers, by way of offering assistance to gain qualifications, skills and experience. Local organisations and charities will benefit as well, having this service to refer people at risk of mental illness. Signpost Centre, Stafford, reported:

“Toolbox was introduced to us in a ‘non-pushy’ way and seemed very relevant and valuable to our clients to be able to access right away to help them with their emotional needs. It would enable them to have someone to talk to and information to learn about what help was available out there for them to maintain healthy levels of emotional well-being.”

South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health
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