Part 2 (following on from previous blog)

Schizoaffective Disorder

When we look closely at the media the main mental health condition that is highlighted is anxiety and depression.  This is probably because it’s very common amongst the general population. Some individuals with less know mental health conditions feel very marginalised and misunderstood.  One of these conditions is called: Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective disorder is part of a spectrum of mental health conditions that affect the way the individual perceives the world. You can see similarities with Bipolar disorder were manic phases, depressive phases and mixed mood states are very common. During any phase of the disorder you may lack insight into your actions, the world around you and this might cause paranoia and unusual behaviours. The emotional and practical coping strategies are similar to other mental health conditions however some individuals may need more intervention and support. Practical ideas may include finding help from a local charity to manage money, housing and day to day tasks. Emotional ideas may stem from group or peer support and finding ways to relax and distract such as finding a meaningful hobby or any sort of exercise.

Supporting others

If you know someone with Schizoaffective Disorder the best stance to take in the first instance is to be non-judgemental, if you don’t understand what is happening don’t worry just be there for them.

When your friend or loved one is well, make a crisis care crib sheet with their own wishes and who to contact in terms of professional help.

Take home message

By being ready to help someone who may struggle with their emotions because of their diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder you can make a difference to their outcomes even though you may see this as a small contribution.

This years’ Time to talk day in the month of February is called the power of small, this could be so beneficial for anyone living with a mental health condition. If you want to get involved click the link below to find out more.