This blog will look at how you can use daily walking to build up your mental health resilience.
Walking is one of the most natural activities you can do for free, with little effort and it can be a shared experience. The physical health benefits of walking are numerous and can include;

1. Lowering blood pressure
2. Strengthens bones and joints
3. Reduces the risk of serious illness
4. Can be a tool to manage your weight

But what about your mental health?
Walking can do amazing things for your mental health lets have a look at some of these benefits below;

1. Clears your mind
2. Can lower your blood pressure which in turn can help with your
mood regulation
3. Can help with difficult decision making

How can walking help with decision making?
If you take a walk away from your domestic or work problems you can often return with a clearer mind.

How can I get started?
To motivate yourself use an app or pedometer to record steps, set yourself realistic challenges. You could create interesting routes or get your children or family to give them names. This can encourage the whole family to walk:
For example: The duck pond mile, the big trees walk, blossom way, the Grandma house walk by
Take your time to build up your walking and most of all enjoy it!