Back to School

Anxieties surrounding going back to school could be something that forms a large part of your family chats, conversations or even arguments.

With the situation is very different now due to covid and stories relating to school are seen frequently in the media this could be adding to the stress.

How can you prepare?

Some fun and inventive ideas

Use a jar

Find a jar with a nice swing top lid or just a normal screw lid, fill jar with water and some glitter glue.

When your child is feeling stressed shake the jar and watch the glitter settle.

Create a worry jar

At the end of the day write down any worries with your child place them in the jar and close the lid tight.

All these techniques can be good grounding exercises and can help with anxiety reduction and can help with sleep.

Normalise the situation

If the child is over 11 or is younger and wishes to wear a face covering, buy one with their favourite cartoon character/football team

Make your own facemask and personalise the mask

Create fun labels for your child’s hand sanitiser or get them to create a label


The important thing is to get your child involved they will feel more confident that they are prepared before they go back to school.

Ground Techniques for children

Using senses

By using all the 5 senses in the form a scavenger hunt you can help a child ground their emotions, make a fun worksheet and get outside

Ask them to write down or let you know what they see, feel, hear, smell and maybe taste?

You can guide your child to find something in these categories which can help with distraction and stress reduction

Bunch of 5s

Use the number 5 as a countdown for various calming activities:

  • Blowing bubbles
  • 5 x teddy bear hug (Give it a good squeeze!)
  • Create 5 play dough worry balls in 5 different colours
  • 5 spins of a fidget spinner or a garden windmill or any toy that rotates


The important thing is to take each day as it comes and make sure you look after your own mental health as this can help with your family’s mental health too.