While trying to think of something to write for SSNMH’s ‘the latest news/blog’ my manager asked me what I go to when I have bad Anxiety or my general well-being is low. It took me only a few seconds to think exactly what helps me… Music!

Listening to music releases a chemical called dopamine, a feel good chemical in your brain that makes you happy! My music helps me escape from reality for a while and makes me feel comfortable and that I could take on just about anything, it helps more than any medication could, for me anyway.

My passion for music started at the young age of 5. Kerrang TV was always on and I just remember the feeling it gave me listening, singing along and watching the music videos. Songs like ‘Linkin Park – In the End’ or something funny like ‘Alien Ant Farm – Movies’ were always on and now every time I listen to those songs, it brings back that feeling from being care free.

Listening to music is my therapy.

I love the quote “Music speaks when words fail.” That’s why at The Network are thinking of starting up our own SSNMH playlist on Spotify. If you have any ideas on what we could add onto the playlist let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

I want to finish this blog by asking you, what helps your mental well-being? You can comment below what helps you through your day to day life.