One of our new volunteers Shaheen.E. has written a blog about joining our volunteer ‘work from home ‘squad and is part of the Social Isolation Project. Let’s see what Shaheen has to say:

I would like to start by saying the project so far has been positive and enjoyable. Laura’s newsletters and tasks have been detailed and support with collaborating to make our game.

I first started working on the project on Wednesday 8th April 2020 and am still doing so, The Social Isolation Project aims to create an uplifting game through collaboration to help face isolation, uncertainty, and boredom.

The reason I signed up to become a member of the Social Isolation Project team is to help reduce social isolation and loneliness. These important issues are becoming more concerning and serious to modern day life. Although mental health is not a topic I have been involved with before, I would like to help with something positive. South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health say this:

Our Vision

“That everyone achieves independent mental wellbeing through awareness,

representation and participation.”

I have been making entertaining creative copy for the game, researching key areas like social isolation, loneliness, disability and looking for inspiring ideas to reach this vision. The game will focus on wellbeing and how people can do fun things to improve mental health. The game is to support those most vulnerable in our society, meant to provoke conversation and thought. Games are a fun way to reach many people and can be played in your own time when it is convenient. Entertaining for when people feel like something uplifting, different, and inspiring. This game is for you!

Mental health means having healthy routines, good self-care, a commitment to help yourself remain well, healthy, and balanced. So far, I have found the information about isolation, loneliness, mental health, and well-being interesting because there are so many pieces that make up all these things. Pieces like social contact, healthy eating, activities/regular exercise, supporting others, learning something completely new, finding something creative to do/what helps you to relax/things to do that you enjoy, being able to ask for help when you need it etc. All these pieces can help everyone better their mental health and well-being. People need the right information from organisations like SSNMH at the right time, so they know there are fun accessible ways to look after themselves and others. A game still looks at mental health but in a different way that you maybe did not know about or think of before. Changing the way mental health is seen.

As of 2018 the United Kingdom has a Minister for Loneliness. Then Prime Minister at the time Theresa May, said this when assigning the Minister for Loneliness:

“For far too many people, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life,”.

Projects like these can help and I think that is something to be involved in and contribute too!

Thank you for welcoming me to help with The Social Isolation Project South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health.

I have enjoyed collaborating with you. A fantastic idea!